Recommended Healers

Bridget Renee Holliday


Bridget is a Starseed, channel, multidimensional medium and Galactic Ambassador..

An international:
Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner
Awakening and Ascension Mentor.
Multidimensional Energy Healer

Bridget specializes in mentoring starseeds in their ascension journey. When working with starseeds, Bridget helps them remember who they are and that they have trained lifetimes for what they’re on Earth to do. `This includes discovering where they’re from, what their specializations are, consciousness expansion, and embracing deep relationships with their cosmic star families. She is an Ascension-Contact Specialist and a Galactic Ambassador for the Galactic Federation of Light.

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Stacey Brown


Stacey is a spiritual mentor, coach and reiki practitioner who has been on a spiritual journey for over 15 years.

She is the creator and founder of Soul Center, a global community committed to inspiring people to live their soul’s purpose and has created multiple tools for self care and wellness including soul centered journaling.

Stacey is also a podcast host and multiple business owner who built a six figure career as a business owner in the beauty industry as a single mom.

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April Curry


April Curry is an Akashic Reiki Psychic. She helps people discover their souls connection and intuition by tuning into the Akashic Records and Reiki.

April specializes in teaching intuitives how to tap into experiencing the Akashic Records to find their souls purpose, intuitive abilities, spirit guide connections, and past life energetic chakra clearings.

She trains people how to open their own Akashic Records and how to intuitively read for others.

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Brittney Lynn

Brittney Lynn

Brittney is an intuitive, Starseed, soul healer and is always manifesting.


She offers the following services internationally:
Manifesting and Empowerment Coach
Intuitive, Reiki Energy Healer
Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner


Brittney’s soul purpose is to empower, heal and radiate a divine love that ripples out into the collective. She curated her own style of energy healing with Reiki that will leave your soul singing! You are a beautiful creator being, and this is your journey. Brittney will help unlock your gifts and guide you into remembering just how amazing you truly are!

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