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About Me

I inspire people to shine their light, to live a purposeful life and fulfil their destiny. I am on a spiritual journey to help raise the consciousness of the planet.

I am a trained Akashic Record Reader and have over 25 years of mentoring experience. I know that there isn't a one size fits all so I tailor my approach depending on your needs, focusing on the four bodies: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, specialising in the spiritual body.

I believe we are a soul having a human experience and I have been blessed with having an amazing human experience so far. I have been focused on learning and understanding my purpose all my life with an extra focus on spirituality and expanding my gifts in the last 15 years. Knowing there is so much going on around us that we do not understand lead me to explore many spiritual practices and now wish to use my experience to help and guide others.

Nimesh Radia


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Below you will find the services that I offer to help you find your purpose by connecting you with your souls desires


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2022-01-23 (2)

My session with Nimesh was really nice. It helped me communicate with my spirit guide and my ancestors. During the session I was able to see a vivid image of my Spirit guide. He helped get answers and since our session it has been very easy to feel and connect with my spirit guide.

I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for  a connection between the past and present. 


I was drawn to Nimesh’s post on Facebook and asked for an Akashic reading.  I had no idea what this was and did a little reading around it before my reading.  Nimesh immediately made me feel relaxed and explained how the reading would work.  The reading itself had some surprises on my souls journey, it was quite amazing but at the same time incredibly calming.  Not only that but it did lead me to address some level of self healing that was very long overdue.  Overall a great reading and I look forward to another session with Nimesh soon.


I connected with Nimesh and Stacey at a soul level through their podcast. When I decided to start / continue my spiritual journey, I reached out for an Akashic reading. The Akashic reading session was the best decision I could have made. It provided me a sense of purpose in this round, and it also gave me direction knowing that there are so many different paths that one can take.
The session also brought me closer to Nimesh and Stacey, their guidance allowed me to connect with my guides, ancestors and higher self. When I was asked what I thought about Akashic reading, I said, and still stand by this: "It was the most beautiful experience I have ever had after giving birth". It was magical.

If you are looking for answers, connection and purpose, I encourage you to book the joint Akashic reading with Nimesh and Stacey. I promise you, it won't only bring answers, it will also provide guidance and understanding. 

You got this Queen- Sending you love.


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2022-01-23 (2)