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Prior to the session I was very nervous. This reading is something I've heard and read about before, and something I've been keen to try for some time. But I really didn't know what to expect.

It was a wonderful experience though - I felt so enlightened, so peaceful and although many of the things that came up in the reading were things I was aware about, it was comforting to have it reaffirmed and to help me understand areas that I need to focus on in my life.

You have such a calm and kind nature and that made all the difference. You made me feel so comfortable and at ease and I absolutely appreciate the time and patience you had to answer my questions and explain some of the deeper concepts to me ☺️ 

I honestly don't have any suggestions for things that could have been done differently because I truly found it such an uplifting and enjoyable experience.


2022-01-23 (2)

Hey Nims! I’ve been feeling such a strong sense of being surrounded by angels constantly. All of what you said yesterday is what I’m seeing everywhere. When I open my phone or am just randomly using social media the same msg to fully accept myself and to fall in love with me first keeps popping, it’s like the angels are communicating super strong.

Now whenever I catch myself being tough on myself I shift the energy to something fun super quick, it’s beautiful being in a aware mindset and knowing when you need fixing. Thank you so much this was the missing piece of the story, you helped me put it in place. I know self acceptance and self love is a journey but I’m happy that I’m already working on it. 

People around me always describe be as a happy chirpy girl who brings happiness wherever I go , but now I’m bringing that happiness into my own life too.


2022-01-23 (2)

My session with Nimesh was really nice. It helped me communicate with my spirit guide and my ancestors. During the session I was able to see a vivid image of my Spirit guide. He helped get answers and since our session it has been very easy to feel and connect with my spirit guide.

I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for  a connection between the past and present. 


2022-01-23 (2)

I was drawn to Nimesh’s post on Facebook and asked for an Akashic reading.  I had no idea what this was and did a little reading around it before my reading.  Nimesh immediately made me feel relaxed and explained how the reading would work.  The reading itself had some surprises on my souls journey, it was quite amazing but at the same time incredibly calming.  Not only that but it did lead me to address some level of self healing that was very long overdue.  Overall a great reading and I look forward to another session with Nimesh soon.


2022-01-23 (2)

Nimesh is ethical, mindful, spiritual and extremely honest. I will recommend Nimesh without hesitation.

He put me immediately at ease, explaining the process and his approach to my akashic record reading. He explained everything he saw in detail, referencing traditional interpretations as well as his intuition and previous personal experiences. I found him to be extremely accurate about situations. Nimesh tells it like it is, with courtesy, humor, and excellent advice for putting what you’ve learned during your reading to the best use in life. After my reading I've seen a change in the clarity of my thoughts and more confidence in my instincts.

Priti (Pree)

2022-01-23 (2)

I had my first Akashi reading with Nimesh a couple of weeks ago; I wasn’t sure of what to expect but Nimesh has a calm, gentle manner about him which put me at ease straight away.

 I’m now working through the guidance I got through him and letting my answers unfold with time. 

Lovely experience.


2022-01-23 (2)

I had an Akashic Records reading with Nimesh about a month ago and was at a very low point physically, emotionally and mentally. I was expecting a great epiphany from the reading but that of course did not materialise.

However what I did find was someone gentle who listened and could sense the depth of my unhappiness and frustration which was eating away at me. His words of encouragement really helped as did his advice. He asked me to commit to doing specific actions for a period of 21 days but that the commitment was for myself and not for him. I was pretty sceptical but agreed as there was no financial or risk requirement to the actions and I was at my wits end The actions gave me something to focus on instead of my woes. What I have since found is that whilst not all my issues have resolved, the actions have really helped me start living again and appreciating what I do have rather than focusing on my lack of. I feel less frustrated and insecure than I was and also happier about myself. I've gone on to commit doing the actions for another 50 days as I feel its really helped me feel alive again and wonder where that will take me. Whilst I'm not where I'd like to be, I'm certainly further forward from where I was 30 days ago and for that I can't thank Nimesh enough.

Priti (Charu)

2022-01-23 (2)

I felt excited before the reading. I penned down things to ask, and woke up thinking about the reading in the days prior to it. 

During the session I felt the excitement of the beings present, felt connected to them, felt trusting of you, and receptive to what was coming through. I do not usually seek such interventions. I have this belief that I need to do it myself. But during the session I was seeing how I was letting go and there by allowing for more support!

Post the session I felt joyous and light. I feel more impatience with conversations that are mental, or situations that don’t feel right to me. I have felt this for years but usually retreat and go more inwards. Now I am expressing more. I feel more confident about following my impulses. Earlier I questioned these as I was afraid they were self serving and not serving of Spirit. Now I am experimenting with thinking of them as nudges. 

I feel unclear about the role of ancestors in the soul’s journey.

I also feel unclear about how to heal the financial wounding on dad’s side but will speak more to Harnita about it. 

About the host - your gentleness and warmth were perceptible throughout and made the whole process feel very safe and inviting. Your clarity was reassuring. And your connection to the beings felt genuine. You left a lot of space for me, which made me feel confident to step in more. I loved that you wouldn’t get stuck in mental conversations that I tend to end up in during the reading. Couple of times you would snap out of it - which was very helpful to me. 

Sometimes I wondered if you were not relating all the messages since so many were speaking :). 

Once I experienced a little impatience as I felt the message coming through was generic - like about the ups and downs of life. It could very well be my ego reacting yet my sense in that moment was that you were clarifying something and not relating. Does this make sense? 

I felt your generosity through and through. 

Thank you!


2022-01-23 (2)

I had an Akashic Record Reading with Nimesh and I have no words to adequately describe the experience. It was so special!  He provides such a beautiful sacred space for you to receive healing messages. He holds this space with honor, love, and compassion.

You can feel his words speaking to your soul and they hold so much truth and value. He is a powerful channel and healer and his connection to the Akasha is so inspiring. I left the reading feeling an overwhelming sense of support and guidance.  I now know what I need to do to cultivate a better relationship with myself and lead the life that I know I can have and deserve.

 If you seek spiritual guidance, connection to your higher self and guides, or simply crave a deeper connection to self than please don’t hesitate to gift yourself a reading with Nimesh.  Your soul will thank you. 


2022-01-23 (2)

Thank you Nimesh! Your podcast and the subject of the podcast came just at the right time for me today! Was great connecting with you again and thank you for the conversation, assistance and advice. I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting an Akashic reading and guidance. Even those of us who “don’t think they need it”. Thank you for being the blessing that you are!


2022-01-23 (2)


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