What are they?

The Akashic Records are a complete vibrational history of every thought, experience, emotion and interaction of every soul that has ever experienced. Having access to your records helps you to understand what is happening in this lifetime, provide guidance and insight.

During the reading your will connect with your higher self and guides who know why you are here and what soul contracts you have.

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Book a Reading

Readings are available either jointly with Nimesh and Stacey or with Nimesh alone.

The Process

Introduction and brief discussion on the process and I will answer any questions you have about the reading.

Grounding Meditation in preparation to enter your records.

Enter your records - I use a prayer to enter your records and invite your guides to support us during the process.

Ask your guides any information they have for you.

Give you the opportunity to ask your guides any questions you have.

Close your records.

Discuss and answer any questions you have.

Close the session.

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Book a reading with Nimesh:

£155 / $188 per 60 min reading

Conducted via Zoom, recording available

Book a reading with Nimesh & Stacey:

Receive a reading from two amazing healers. This unique approach allows us to take you deeper into your records and experience the power of both divine masculine and feminine energy to receive a life changing reading.

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Additional Information

Any detail from the session is confidential and will not be shared.

Do not consume any drugs or alcohol 24 hours before the session.

I am able to answer any follow up questions you have via email or DM and welcome any feedback after the session.

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Learn how to read Akashic Records

Learn this life-changing experience in 3 sessions with Stacey Brown & Nimesh Radia

What's included:

Session 1:

We open your Akashic Record for you to experience what it's like to receive a reading.

Session 2:

We guide you to open your own records to receive your own messages helping you to do this on your own.

Session 3:

We guide you to open records for either Nimesh or Stacey, teaching you how to open the records for someone else.

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For more information, book a discovery call: