Specialized Holistic Coaching Session:

Targeted Transformation

Welcome to a focused and impactful Holistic Coaching Session, where we will delve deep into a specific area of your spiritual journey to bring about profound transformation.

Session Focus:

Tailored to meet your unique needs, this session will concentrate on a specific aspect of your spiritual path that requires attention and guidance. Whether you seek clarity on a life decision, healing in a particular area, or support in navigating a challenge, we will work together to bring about positive change.


Focused Discussion:

We will delve into the specific area you wish to address.

Intuitive Guidance: Receive insights and guidance tailored to your chosen focus.

Practical Strategies: Explore actionable steps to support your spiritual journey.

Empowerment: Gain tools to navigate challenges and align with your higher self.

Book your Specialized Holistic Coaching Session now and let's focus on the area that matters most to you.

Bringing about positive change and alignment on your spiritual journey. You can book either 1 session or for deeper coaching book a block of 3. 

This service is also available as a joint offer with Stacey. Click here to find out more 

$199/£159 per 90 min Session

$499/£399 for a 3 session bundle

Our podcast offers valuable insights for your awakening journey, simplifying spirituality and shedding light on your purpose. We explore various topics such as connecting with your guides, releasing past life karma, and delving into the Akashic Records.

A perfect companion for your transformative journey.