Akashic Message for July – Embrace your Journey

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This is a message for July channeled through the Akashic Records

Thank you, thank you, thank you – In this month’s message, we begin with deep gratitude. You have chosen to heal so much in this lifetime, not just your own karma, but also ancestral karma. Your journey is profound, and for that, we thank you (your guides).

Close your eyes and allow yourself to feel the energy and presence of your guides and ancestors who are here to celebrate with you. The challenges you face are part of your soul’s choice, chosen not just to heal your own karma but also to cleanse the ancestral lines. This depth of feeling and intensity is part of a greater plan, reflecting the massive changes happening on our planet.

A Time of Transformation

This period is marked by significant global shifts, whether you feel its a rebirth, an upgrade, or even a dark night of the soul. Everyone is going through something, and this year has been particularly intense, with many karmic cycles closing and new energies emerging.

The cycle continues with a different energy and vibration. This is a time for you to shine your light, to focus on yourself, and to put yourself at the center of your world. There is so much happening around you, but your primary role is to guide yourself. You cannot fix others, but by guiding yourself, you set an example that can inspire the path for others.

Self-Discovery and Balance

Many of you are experiencing significant changes and getting to know this new version of yourself. You can guide others by focusing on your own growth and sharing your story. However, remember you are not here to force anyone to change – we all have free will. Your journey is unique, and by putting yourself first, you enhance your light, benefiting everyone around you.

This time is also about balancing the masculine and feminine energies within you. It’s crucial to heal what needs healing to find this balance. Embrace who you are, knowing that your soul chose to be here during this time of massive change and upgrade.

Trust and Embrace the Moment

Many of you want to understand what’s coming next, but this phase requires a leap of faith. Focus on the present moment and embrace its magic. If you feel there’s nothing magical, sit with your energy and acknowledge the power within you. Regularly check in with yourself, cleanse your space, and reset your environment to maintain a positive energy flow.

Celebrate your journey, no matter how challenging it has been. You’ve cleared many karmic cycles and released so much. Be grateful for your progress and for the support of your guides and loved ones, but most importantly, be grateful for yourself. You did it.

Embrace Your Gifts and Trust the Process

This is a pivotal time not just for this lifetime, for many lifetimes. It’s a mass upgrade, a shift to a higher dimension. You have a choice in this, and we encourage you to choose to upgrade, to shine your light, and to embrace who you are. Let go of the need to control or label your gifts. They are unique and may not fit into any human label.

Spend time in nature, meditate, engage in physical activities, and be present. Allow the magic of this expansive and loving period to unfold. Introduce fun and joy into your daily life. Let go of things and people that drain you. Ask yourself, “Who am I? How am I changing?” Be authentic, embrace your gifts, and feel the power within you.

Daily Practices for Self-Care

How you start and end your day is crucial. Begin your mornings as an empty vessel, free from past burdens, and end your days the same way to experience your dreams fully. Cleanse your space, whether it’s with sage or other techniques, and reset your environment. Sometimes, changing your orbit/location can help you feel different energies and vibrations.

This is a time to get to know yourself. Choose the people in your life wisely and remember that you are a blessing to them. If you need guidance, seek a mentor but be clear about your intentions. Know that you are guided to your answers within.

Embrace Love and Let Your Light Shine

This is your time. Embrace who you are, let go of what no longer serves you, and trust in the process. Your guides are here to support you, and the universe is with you. You have gifts that your soul has worked many lifetimes for, so allow them to be activated. Feel the changes within you, don’t fight them, and don’t be scared. Your guides/the universe will never give you anything you can’t handle.

Let love guide you. Embrace the changes, activate your gifts, and let your light shine brightly in the world. This is your time.

Whatever the question, the answer is always, always love. Embrace the love within you and let it light up the world.

Sending love and light


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