Guiding you to discover Your Purpose and Connect with Your Soul's Desires

By releasing your programming and gaining insight into your journey, you can embrace your true self and live your best life.

Understanding how your past experiences and societal influences shape your beliefs and behaviours empowers you to break free from limitations and step into your authentic essence. It's through this awareness and self-discovery that you unlock the key to living a life aligned with your deepest desires and purpose.

Are you feeling disconnected, looking for somewhere to belong?

By releasing programming and gaining insight into your journey, you embrace your true self and live your best life. 

Are you going through a spiritual awakening and need guidance?

Embarking on a quest to understand your soul’s journey and purpose.

You know change is inevitable, are you ready to embrace it rather than fight it?

Understanding how change shapes your path empowers you to navigate life's twists and turns with resilience and grace.

"Welcome to a transformative journey guided by Nimesh Radia, a seasoned spiritual coach and mentor dedicated to helping you unlock your true potential and live a purposeful life."

Through personalised mentorship and the illuminating wisdom of the Akashic Records, Nimesh empowers you to delve deep into your soul's journey, gain profound insights, and cultivate lasting transformation in your life. Discover how Nimesh's profound insights and compassionate guidance can empower you to navigate life's challenges and embrace your spiritual path with clarity and confidence. 


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A record of everything your soul has been through proving  an insight into your journey. The Records hold the key to unlocking profound insights and understanding, offering a window into the depths of your soul's journey and illuminating the path to personal growth and spiritual evolution.


Helps Navigate and deepen your spiritual journey, connecting you with your gifts and purpose. Providing a guiding light on your path, offering support and wisdom to navigate and deepen your spiritual journey. It's a transformative experience that empowers you to connect with your innate gifts and purpose, unlocking your fullest potential and awakening to the divine essence within.



Experience transformative growth and personalized guidance through a one-on-one spiritual coaching session tailored to support your unique journey and goals.
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Our podcast offers valuable insights for your awakening journey, simplifying spirituality and shedding light on your purpose. We explore various topics such as connecting with your guides, releasing past life karma, and delving into the Akashic Records.

A perfect companion for your transformative journey.

About Me

I inspire people to shine their light, to live a purposeful life and fulfil their destiny. I am on a spiritual journey to help raise the consciousness of the planet.

I am a trained Akashic Record Reader and have over 25 years of mentoring experience. I know that there is not a one size fits all so I tailor my approach depending on your needs. Believing in the journey of the soul within a human experience, I've dedicated my life to understanding and expanding my spiritual gifts, aiming to guide others on their own unique path.

My focus is to connect you to your soul and guide you to the real you, guiding you to fulfil your destiny.

Nimesh Radia


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"My session with Nimesh was really nice. It helped me communicate with my spirit guide and my ancestors. During the session I was able to see a vivid image of my Spirit guide. He helped get answers and since our session it has been very easy to feel and connect with my spirit guide.

I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for  a connection between the past and present."


"I had my first Akashi reading with Nimesh a couple of weeks ago; I wasn’t sure of what to expect but Nimesh has a calm, gentle manner about him which put me at ease straight away.

I’m now working through the guidance I got through him and letting my answers unfold with time.

Lovely experience."


"Thank you Nimesh! Your podcast and the subject of the podcast came just at the right time for me today! Was great connecting with you again and thank you for the conversation, assistance and advice. I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting an Akashic reading and guidance. Even those of us who “don’t think they need it”. Thank you for being the blessing that you are!"

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